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Get Shorty (2017-)

Brief Nudity

If you're one of those purists who felt that Barry Sonnenfeld's otherwise hilarious 1995 adaptation of Elmore Leonard's Get Shorty strayed just a bit too far from the source material, this new series should satisfy you! Epix, the channel that brought us such great shows as Graves, debuted their adaptation of Get Shorty starting in the summer of 2017. Irish actor Chris O'Dowd steps into the role of Miles, a low-ranking mobster who travels to Hollywood to shake down a movie producer (Ray Romano...

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Top Scenes

Nude, breasts, butt Ep. 01x08 | 00:47:31 Sarah gets out of bed and we see her buns and we later get a nice look at her boobs as she talks to her man! She's wearing a merkin though. (1 min 23 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 01x03 | 00:19:55 A great look at Megan's mams as a guy goes down on her! (19 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 01x06 | 00:38:25 Some great looks at Lucy's breasts as she rides Chris O'Dowd on a couch! (35 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 01x08 | 00:46:14 Sarah and her man practice “soaking”, a Mormon tradition where they put the dick inside, but can't move it around. On the plus side, we can see her boobs and buns! (17 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 01x02 | 00:42:51 A super brief look at Hailey's humungous hoots as she covers up in a doctor's office! (17 secs)
Sexy, underwear Ep. 01x09 | 00:02:15 Lucy Walters are skintastic in this sexy scene! (1 min 23 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 02x02 | 00:37:44 Megan sleeps topless, giving us slips of nip as she sits up to see what her lover is up to. How he could leave her alone on the couch like that beats us! (1 min 35 secs)
Sexy, underwear Ep. 01x08 | 00:25:29 Lidia Porto are skintastic in this sexy scene! (1 min 10 secs)


Hailey Josselyn

Nude - as Sharonbreasts

3 Pics & 1 Clip
Megan Stevenson

Nude - as April Quinnbreasts

9 Pics & 2 Clips
Lucy Walters

Nude - as Katie DalySexy, breasts, underwear

9 Pics & 2 Clips
Lidia Porto

Sexy - as Amaraunderwear

2 Pics & 1 Clip
Sarah Stiles

Nude - as GladysSexy, breasts, butt

5 Pics & 2 Clips

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