If the late-summer blues are getting you down, we've got six skinsational flicks to keep you busy indoors and help you forget all your troubles!


Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut

Oliver Stone couldn't stop tinkering with his 2004 film version of the life of Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell), but released this third and final version of the film in 2009, which is now streaming on Netflix. Thankfully he retained Rosario Dawson's amazing fully nude scene in this three-and-a-half hour cut of the film!



The Parole Officer

This 2001 crime comedy starring Steve Coogan features an early nude scene from the gorgeous Lena Headey!



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Don's Party

Driving Miss Daisy director Bruce Beresford's 1976 comedy made in his native Australia features some amazing nudity from Candy Raymond, Clare Binney, Veronica Lang, and more!



Bleed for This

This 2016 biopic about boxer Vinny Pazienza features two great nude scenes from Christine Evangelista and Noelle Trudeau!




Ismael's Ghosts

Marion Cotillard's latest nude scene involved a bit of cgi trickery to make her breasts look much larger, but it's no less fap-worthy than any of her other amazing nude scenes throughout her career!



The Nasty Girl

This 1990 German dramedy features some rare PG-13 full nudity from the film's titular star, Lena Stolze!